In addition to my PhD research activities, I am involved in several courses at both Polytech Sorbonne and Sorbonne Université. I am teaching computer science (C and Python programming), physical modeling and sound/music processing modules to undergraduate students from L2 to M1.


Algorithmic and C language (L3/40h)

Students: EI2I (Polytech Sorbonne)
Intervention: 4h lectures + 4h tutorials + 32h practical work

This module is dedicated to first-year engineering students and aims to transfer knowledge on algorithmic and programming in C language. Lectures given on functions as well as structures in C.

Multidisciplinary physical modeling project (L3/15h)

Students: MAIN (Polytech Sorbonne)
Intervention: 15h tutorials + project supervision

The goal of this class is to present a physical or biological phenomenon to students that they will need to discover, get familiar with and understand in order to study it through modeling and simulation. Project: discretisation (« meshing ») of the wave equation for modeling vibrations of string instruments.

Sound and music signal processing (M1/16h)

Students: ACOUS and ISI (Sorbonne Université)
Intervention: 16h practical work

In this course, students were asked to put in practice their knowledge of basic sound and audio signal processing including, but not limited to, (re)sampling, quantification, Short-Time Fourier Transform, signal analysis, etc.


General computer science (L3/40h)

Students: AGRAL and MTX (Polytech Sorbonne)
Intervention: 40h practical work + project writing

This teaching unit aims to provide the computer science basics enabling non-specialist (food-processing and materials chemistry) students to fully develop, code and manipulate programming language on their own. The course is Python-based. Proposition of the class project: design of a simple musical recommandation system.

Multidisciplinary physical modeling project (L3/15h)

See 2021–2022.

Sound and music signal processing (M1/16h)

See 2021–2022.


Computer programming basics (L2/40h)

Students: PEIP (Polytech Sorbonne)
Intervention: 20h tutorials + 20h practical work

This module, taught to students in preparatory class, proposed an introduction to computer science through algorithmic and C programming lessons.